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Thread: Pond Stars' "Fat Koi Slim" Airing Tonight (9/30/14)!

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    Thumbs up Pond Stars' "Fat Koi Slim" Airing Tonight (9/30/14)!

    "Greg, Ed, Brian and Chris work to install a giant pond in Tony and Shari Romano's backyard. Their koi have grown obese from the incorrect diet that Tony and Shari have fed them, so Greg and the crew need to design the perfect backyard habitat with a koi treadmill so these fish can lose their belly fat. Meanwhile, a new client calls Greg to fix her current pond because it's not deep enough to support a certain breed of fish that she is hoping to buy for her children."

    More information on tonight's episode:

    Share your thoughts with us on tonight's episode (Fat Koi Slim)!
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