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Thread: New with NO clue!

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    New with NO clue!

    Hi all! My husband and I close on a house next month that has a small pond. I don't think there is anything living in it except mosquito! If we want to just grow plants in the pond (no fish, I get too attached if they die) will we need to muck out the pond first before adding any plants? And is it safe to through a mosquito dunk in the water if we plan on putting plants in? We are totally clueless about where to start. Right now the pond looks terrible and gross but we plan to change that when we move in. Thanks!
    any website recommendations would be appreciated!

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    Mosquito Dunk

    Be sure to check the information on the packaging of the mosquito dunk, to ensure that it's safe for plants. It should be, but double check the product information. One thing you should avoid doing is pouring vegetable oil on the surface of the water; this will kill the mosquitoes, but will impact your plants as well. If the plants are in separate containers, you can take them out of the water, and empty any mosquito-infested water onto your lawn or flower beds in order to prevent them from growing further in your pond.

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