Hello! I am desperately looking for help on how to get my koi pond cleared up. I know you have probably heard all the stories of ponds needing cleared up, but I have been patiently trying to correct the problem through reading and researching and trying some of the things I have researched. But after FOUR YEARS and literally spending waaaaaaay more money than I ever intended to from the start, I am just about to the point of tearing everything up and filling the big hole in my yard back in!! My husband and I have decided that we simply cannot keep pouring money in to this project for lack of it!! So here is the details so that you know what we have to deal with. Pond is 18'x6' on average and 2.6' at its deepest. The average depth is about18". I have a 32 gallon Skippy filter. Two small waterfalls with little weirs running through river rock. In the past I have tried activated charcoal, added beneficial bacteria, liquid barley treatment, used blue dye to shade the water since it IS in full sun. I have used water hyacinth, coontail, water lettuce, watercress, water lilies, etc., etc, etc. I have had a prefilter on the pump. Cleaned the Skippy, not cleaned the Skippy, constantly scoop up debris from the bottom of pond. This spring I put in four large pots with pipes forcing water up through pea gravel in each one to make a sort of "bog filter". I initially put many plants in these bog filter pots this spring that DID start to flourish but have recently all but totally die out (after spending $100 on plants....grrrrrr!!!). I do not have a bottom drain, a skimmer or UV light. Have decided that I am not going to because of even more added cost with yet no guarantee of it helping. The water has gone from being green to brown in the last month and a half. There are no trees near the pond so tannin shouldn't be an issue. I do have 5 seven to eight inch koi and around 5-8 younger two inch to four inch koi ( can't really say how many for sure since I can't see in the water!!!!). I no longer feed the koi since last fall in hopes that it would help but to no avail. I have added Japanese trapdoor snails last year to help. I DO have many frogs who have found their way1424 into the pond whom I feel might be part of the problem with keeping things stirred up. I keep the water tested and everything is always near perfect. I don't know what else I can tell you but if there is something you can tell me to help me get my water" gin clear" as I so often jealously read other people talking about, I would be ever so grateful. Thank you again!!!!