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Thread: Preformed pond liners

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    Preformed pond liners

    New member here.

    What companies make good preformed pond liners. Looking for a strong liner with a water inlet and outlet to feed three large preformed pond liners.

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    Not sure I understand your question but it sounds like you're looking for a preform tub that will act as a flow-through device to accept water and discharge the water into your other preforms. Maybe as a waterfall or as a filtration device? We used to sell preforms and still have some smallish preforms I think about 3' X 4' maybe. These are just for holding water but I'm pretty sure you can add bulkhead fittings to bring water in and let it flow out. MacCourt Products makes preform ponds and they may have something already set up. Look for flat surfaces or gently curved at worst to be sure a bulkhead fitting does not leak, if that's what you end up using. We sell bulkhead fittings or you can find them at a farm supply store as farmers use them when they need to put holes in the tanks.

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