I'm new to the forum...been reading since last summer when we decided to get a natural swimming pond installed. I'm learning new things everyday thanks to this forum!

As soon as it started getting hot a few weeks ago my water started turning green. I know it's new so I gave it a bit of time and gave it some extra beneficial bacteria. I added some plants to the filter last week, and i've got more coming tomorrow. It's an aquascape wetland filter. I have a couple of water lilies in there but they're still too small to see. I also added 2 x 5" koi and 2 x 5" Shubunkin, which I haven't seen since I put them in 2 weeks ago!

So my question is...what's my strategy? I've got more plants coming tomorrow so I'm going to add even more into the wetland filter. I tried RapidClear last week and I could tell it was doing something but the water never really cleared. I called my builder and they suggested bacteria and a double dose of rapid clear. I'm kind of reluctant to re-do the rapidclear considering it's close to 20K gallons and the doses aren't cheap...and based on what I read on this site, that would only be a temporary solution. I was debating using an algaecide but I don't think i'm that desperate yet. I was also thinking of buying a cheap UV light on eBay to see if that works before investing in a better one. Or would it be best to go with an ion generator...?

Here's a few pics... i'm in the process of re-doing the perimeter edging with river rock so don't mind the mess!
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