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Thread: murky pond

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    murky pond

    we have just installed a new water garden - about 2000 gallons. It is rock lined per Aquascape videos, has skimmer and Bio-Falls. We rinsed rocks and removed silty water. All is functioning properly. Two nights ago we had a VERY heavy rain and the water became murky. After a day, it is somewhat clearer, but the flat rocks have a good 1/4" - 1/2" of silt on them. What should I do about this? I don't want the water to be so opaque .... Thank you!

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    Red face

    You didn't say what is around your pond. Is there any soil that is level with or higher than the flat rocks around your pond. It sounds like with the heavy rain water saturated soil (even from the lawn) seeped onto the rocks ,then into the pond.
    Picture a flooded ditch, the grass in that ditch is silty after the water recedes.
    I make sure all the soil around my pond is a few inches lower than the flat rocks so water will divert around the pond ,not into it.
    Maybe this helps?, although I'm sure you've had lots of other suggestions.

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