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Thread: Posting photos in threads/replies

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    Posting photos in threads/replies

    This is for new members and others who do not know how to upload photos to the forum threads.

    If you are using a digital camera, download your pictures to a folder that you can remember (i.e. "My Pictures"). Your camera instructions should give you more details on how to do this. If you do not have a digital camera, you can copy from regular prints but you will need a scanner or digital copier. Scan the prints to a folder on your computer (i.e. "My Pictures"). If you use a different folder or location on your computer, be sure to write down where the photos are so you can find them with the computer browser when you go to upload them.

    To post photos to a thread:

    Open a new thread, type in your message, then scroll down below the message window to the "Additional Options" window. Go to the first option box titled "Manage Attachments". Put the mouse pointer on the box and left click the mouse button. A new window will open on your screen. Move the mouse pointer to the new window and left click on the "Browse" button.

    Another window will open up that says "Choose File". This is where you need to locate the photo(s) on YOUR computer. Once you locate your photos, left click the mouse on the photo name to select it (will automatically load the name). Left click on the "Open" box. This will close the existing window and return you to the "Browse" window. Left click on "Upload" and your picture name will appear in the space under "Current Attachments". Scroll down and left click on "Close Window" and your picture filename will appear just above the "Manage Attachments" in the Additional Options section below the reply box (in the forum). When you left click on "Submit Reply" or "Submit New Thread" your photo will automatically be posted and opened in your message box for all to see.

    To post more than one photo, simply click on the "Browse" button in the Browse window for each additional photo BEFORE you click on "Close Window".

    Photo size:

    If your photo does not upload (does not appear under "Current Attachments" in the Browse window, it is probably because the picture size is too large. The photos can not be larger than 700 x 700 pixels. To determine the file size, open the folder on your computer that contains the photos. Move the mouse pointer to the photo you want to post. DO NOT CLICK THE MOUSE BUTTON. On most newer computers, just putting the mouse pointer on the filename of the photo will give the size and other information about that filename. Most super sharp photos will be in the 1200 x 1600 pixel range. These are too big to upload and must be resized.

    To resize photos:

    To change the photo size, place the mouse pointer on the filename and RIGHT click the mouse. This will give you a list of options that you can choose for the filename. Scroll down to the option "Open With [arrow]". This will list all of the programs on your computer that you can open a picture with (most computers have more than one program that can be used to edit photos). The easiest program to use is Microsoft Office Picture Manager (if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer). Left click on "Picture" at the top of the edit window, then select "Resize". Note that the editor gives you the current pixel size on the right of the screen (example: 1200x1400) and the new pixel size you create when you resize the photo. Use the PERCENTAGE arrows to increase/decrease the size of the photo until BOTH numbers are just below 700 x 700 (i.e. 590 x 695). If one of the numbers is below 700 and the other is above 700 (i.e. 690 x 710), the photo will not upload to the thread in the forum. BOTH NUMBERS MUST BE BELOW 700!!!!

    After changing the size, it is suggested you save the RESIZED photo to a NEW filename so that the original remains unchanged. You will then have two filenames for the same photo: One that you can keep unchanged, and the other that has been reduced for uploading to the forum. (Note: You can always delete the extra [smaller] photo whenever you want to save disk space, or keep it for future reposting on the forum.)

    After changing the photo size, then go back to the instructions for loading photos to the thread. If your photos are the right size, you should have no problems with uploading them to the forum.

    If you have any problems, ask for help!!


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    Thanks Tom, We'll get it up in all forums, you're a schweetie!

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    If you are using a digital camera, download your pictures to a folder that you can remember (i.e. "My Pictures"). Your camera instructions should give you more details on how to do this.



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    yeah i want to post thread here.can i do it.

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    Posting Photos

    Thanks Luvmaponds for clear instruction about posting photos & images to threads or replies.

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    Posting Photos

    Important instructions to follow yet helpful while posting images on the board.

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