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Thread: Place Pond Pics Here!

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    Aug 2012

    and Another.

    Oh yeah view of it, this is my all time favorite shot. Next time maybe I can get my fish to cooperate and get them into the picture
    I threw the food there but I think they thought I was going to drop the phone too.
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    Oct 2012

    Exclamation Great pic funny story

    Quote Originally Posted by melliemom View Post
    Thank you. No, not down south, Central Valley. California. The temperature just decreased noticbly this week, just after it bloomed.

    Ther Hermine must have predicted the cold because the leaves are dying off now instead of growing new ones.

    What am I going to do with myself this winter without the anticpation of new pads and flowers?

    I love this picture, I have to share this.

    I had to lay down flat on my stomach with my iphone in hand, arms streched out over the water while I kept reminding myself out loud, "Don't drop the phone, don't drop the phone." LOL
    I had to LOL with the image of you takeing that photo. I guess it was worth the effort. Its a beautifil flower.

    As for wintering indoors on the sofa, talk about your water garden on the forum and make plans for what improvements you can make come spring. I cant wait till spring!


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    Nov 2012

    My pond.

    Hi all, many beauties you have created.

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    Nov 2012

    my pond.

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    I love everything about ponds. I could build them and work on them all day. I just love them. Here are a few pics of ponds Ive built. I'm still learning a lot so any tips would be great
    Lawnz gardeners bristol l Lawnz Bristol Gardener

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    Tiny, but it's mine!

    Twenty tiny gallons of water, stocked with a purple water lily, a handful of duckweed, and three red mollies. There's about two inches of gravel on the bottom, and the plan is to add some freshwater clams if I can ever find some. It resides on my balcony in the middle of a crappy apartment complex in Reseda California, along with a complete vegetable and flower garden. My father taught me how to square foot garden, and I'm shoehorning in a whole Southern Living-inspired garden, because I can!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JLYNNFL01 View Post
    Pondless Waterfall Installed in 2005.
    That's gorgeous!

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    rabcon Guest
    New to this site !! But here are a couple photos of our pond.
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    Nice falls! Is that a large natural pond? Thanks for the pics.

    Mike K

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    rabcon Guest


    It is a pond that I built. And it is stocked with trout and has a air-max system. Thanks

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    jeffery Guest
    this is my small pond i started building on MLK day of this year .
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    Northern California
    It looks very lush and cool. Very peaceful!

    Sonoma County Susan
    Science Teacher, Ponder (Zone 9)

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    jeffery Guest
    Click image for larger version. 

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    mypond2 Guest

    Smile pondless waterfall from ireland

    hi this is my pondless waterfall,i live in Ireland.jack
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    Rollok Guest

    Pondless Water Feature Fire Hydrant

    Water Feature, Illinois
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    brenth Guest

    Just redid my pond this year to make it bigger, fish are getting big fast...

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good designs of landscaping ponds and looking really appreciable.

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    Mar 2014



    New here folks,
    Please have a look at my waterfalls and FairyCastles.

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    Nov 2014

    Backyard Pond

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is my pond with double waterfall, about 12' x 14' with a 3 ' depth. Amazing how those herons find it !

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    Oct 2012
    Beautiful pond. I have never seen so many lilies. How many did you put in?

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